Indian troops are not only prepared for a long haul at India-China border, they are also geared up to give befitting response to the Chinese PLA or their Pakistani associates’ misadventure

Are the Chinese PLA troops in league with the Pakistani Army and designing common strategy against India when stand-off in the Eastern Ladakh continues? And this is what several media reports suggest.

It is said that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has been working with the Pakistani Army in an ever more cooperative scenario, even helping it to set up Surface to Air Missile (SAM) sites in Lasadanna Dhok in Pakistan administered Kashmir.

Approximately 130 Pakistan Army personnel and 25-40 civilians are said to be working at the construction site in Lasadanna Dhok. The control room for the system will be located at the Pakistani Army’s brigade headquarters in Bagh district.

Ten Chinese personnel, including three officers, will be stationed at the control room, the report stated. As per the Indian Express which has quoted intelligence sources, similar construction had also been reported at Chinari in Jhelum district, and Chakothi in Hattian Bala district of Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

Earlier in June, a Chinese military expert praised India for its expertise in mountain warfare saying its battle-hardened troops are the most competent mountain units trained for high-altitude warfare.

“At present, the world’s largest and experienced country with plateau and mountain troops is not the US, Russia, nor any European powerhouse, but India,” Huang Guozhi, senior editor of Modern Weaponry magazine wrote.

Military experts say it might be possible that the Chinese PLA sought Pakistan’s help in dealing with India’s highly skilled and specialised mountain force.

However, India is aware of ongoing military cooperation between Pakistan and China.

Earlier in February, Indian Coast Guard had spotted a People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Jiangwei-Il frigate in Pakistani waters, around 11 nautical miles from the Indian port of Porbandar in Gujarat.

Islamabad is also set to receive their biggest ever and most advanced foreign warship from China, the Type 054A Frigate- and not one, but 4 of them. It is also to acquire 8 Yuan-class submarines from Beijing, strengthening its presence in the Arabian Sea. But Indian armed forces are prepared for any challenges. Equipped with best weapons, they are alert on the LAC, over the sky and along the Indian Ocean.

Though several rounds of talks have taken place between the two sides at military and diplomatic levels, PLA troops stay put in friction points along the LAC. In this view, Indian troops are not only prepared for a long haul at the mountainous region of the Eastern Ladakh, they are also geared up to give befitting response to the Chinese PLA or their Pakistani associates if they make any activity against India on the border.