The two sides will cooperate in emerging technologies and sharie information on cyber security threats

India and Japan are set for closer cooperation in the field of cyber security, with the Union Cabinet approving the signing of a pact in this regard on Wednesday.

The Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) will enable India and Japan to work together in capacity building in the area of cyberspace and protection of critical infrastructure.

It will also facilitate cooperation in emerging technologies and sharing of information on cyber security threats and malicious cyber activities, as well as best prac­tices to counter them, said an official statement issued after the cabinet meeting.

Developing joint mechanisms for practical cooperation to mitigate cyber threats to the security of Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure will be part of the engagement between the two countries.

“India and Japan commit to an open, interoperable, free, fair, secure and reli­able cyberspace environment and to promote the Internet as an engine of innova­tion, economic growth, and trade and commerce that would be consistent with their respective domestic laws and international obligations, and with their wide-ranging strategic partnership,” the statement said.

It added that through the MoC, both sides affirm cooperation in the international arena including in the United Nations. They will discuss and share strategies and best prac­tices to promote the integrity of the supply chain of ICT products and strengthen the security of ICT infrastructure through Government-to-Government and Business-to-Business cooperation.