Zhou questioned the Western countries for their silence on the Chinese Communist Party which poses as a threat to the entire world

“I applaud India for banning all these apps,” co-founder and President of Humanitarian China and Tiananmen Student Leader Zhou Fengsuo said, praising India’s efforts to tackle China while calling upon the rest of the world to learn from it, Zee News has reported.

At the webinar ‘Emperor Has No Clothes: China Under Xi Jinping,’ Zhou questioned the Western countries on their silence on the Chinese Communist Party which poses as a threat to the entire world. He said that the human rights violation by the ruling party of China has an impact on people all over the world.

“The world should have understood how a regime who is killing its own people won't be a threat to the entire world? The even bigger tragedy was the silence of Western powers. I applaud India for banning all these apps,” he said.

He underlined the steps that India can take further in tackling the expansionism practiced by China. He said, “Today the great democracy of India is facing a totalitarian regime of China and I see a big role for India.”

According to Zhou, the first step in this regard can be establishing communication with Taiwan and Hong Kong, the countries which are fully aware of the functioning of CCP and these countries, especially Taiwan, have been to push back China despite facing wrath of the communist nation.

He said, “The country has no match because Taiwan knows CCP very well. This is why they were alert during the Covid-19 and were able to contain it. They need recognition. I hope India could establish a formal diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. Before that, we could have a lot of exchanges. Another important issue is the Hong Kong crisis. Think about national security law. Never in world history, we have seen a law that could prosecute people outside their country. I hope India can do a lot of this.”

The next step, he said, could be to pressurize China for a free and open internet. “The third issue is the Chinese firewall,” he said. India is a strong tech power and can help in breaking the firewall, China’s own internet surrounded by walls.

“Any country that benefits from the global internet shutdown is China as it has built its own internet surrounded by walls. We have to fight together against China to keep the internet free and open. We can work together to break the firewall. This is also a tool for CCP for brainwashing. It is like a fortress,” he said.

Highlighting the evil of China faced by people outside China, Thinlay Chukki, a Special appointee for Human Rights at The Tibet Bureau, Geneva, said that in Tibet, around 1.2 million people have been massacred while 6,000 monasteries have also been destroyed by Chinese military.

As part of its expansionist policies, China resorts to Sinicization of people outside China by imposing its culture and religion on them by taking away their religion from them.

“All the thirty rights that are enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, have been destroyed by China. These rights are only in letter and never allowed to be practiced. When it comes to freedom of religion, we are not even allowed to keep portraits of His Holiness Dalai Lama in our homes.” said Thinlay Chukki.

Apart from that, China jailed Tibet based Panchen Lama and has its own Panchen Lama who is from a family of CCP cadres, she added.

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