External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that negotiation will only happen if India and China understand it is in their interest

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar confirmed that he will meet his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Moscow on September 10. He said that the solution to the current India-China crisis has to be found in the diplomacy domain.

“We have a situation in the western sector. I am not playing down the seriousness of the situation. Neither party should try to change the status quo. What happens at the border will impact the relationship,” said Jaishankar, according to a Times of India report.

Speaking at the virtual launch of his book, The India Way, at Observer Research Foundation, Jaishankar said that negotiation will happen only if both sides understand it is in their own interest. He said that it is vital for India and China to reach an accommodation, according to the report.

“The world of agreements is over. It is now the world of convergence. It’s a more pragmatic world, but one with a lot more hedging and balancing,” he was quoted as expanding on the state of the world.

As an example, he said that India was an active part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Brics, and QUAD.

About the changed approach of the US, Jaishankar said, “I regard that as the most startling and impactful shift in recent memory. The US is a key fulcrum around which international affairs revolved. From the 1990s onwards, the US had a global project,” as per the report.

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