Covid-19 diplomacy has become an integral part of India’s foreign policy

Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla has said that India is looking forward to supplying COVID vaccine to Bangladesh whenever it is cleared and mass production starts.

According to a report published by The Times of India, Shringla was quoted saying, “For us, Bangladesh is always a priority country. During his visit to Bangladesh, Shringla spoke about India’s first priority to its neighbourhood in fighting the pandemic.

The report by TOI further stated that Bangladesh refused an offer of human trial of a vaccine being developed by China. A Chinese company called SinoPharm had assured that the vaccine would be ready for the market by the end of the year.

The therapeutics and measures against the COVID pandemic have already become a part of India’s foreign policy. India’s foreign policies regarding the pandemic have already made it to the headlines when India banned export of hydroxychloroquine to other countries, which is temporarily being used by the doctors to treat the disease.

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