Cai Xia, a former professor at the CPC’s Central Party School was expelled from the party because she dared to speak against President Xi Jinping

Positioned himself in China as its lifelong supreme leader, President Xi Jinping brooks no criticism. The Communist Party of China, under his leadership expelled 68-year-old Cai Xia who worked in the same school which was headed by Xi before he took over power in 2012, as her speeches created “serious political problems,” Hindustan Times reported quoting Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post.

According to the report, Cai Xia criticised Xi as “he provokes conflict with other countries to divert attention of the Chinese public from domestic and social tensions.”

She had given an interview to UK’s Guardian newspaper in June in which she had criticised the Chinese President for amending the two-term presidency limit policy to the lifetime policy and provoking conflict with other countries as well as provoking an anti-American sentiment to consolidate his own position and authority, the report said.

Referring to the June 15 clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley, she said Xi Jinping provoked that clash to divert attention of the Chinese public from the ongoing economic and social crisis in the country. She had also accused President Xi for hiding details about Coronavirus.

“Considering domestic economic and social tensions, as well as those in the party of the last few years, he will think of ways to divert the attention of the Chinese public, provoking conflict with other countries, for example encouraging anti-American sentiment and the recent clash between China and India”

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