Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his greetings to President Ashraf Ghani on Afghanistan Independence Day.

Afghanistan celebrated its 101st Independence Day on Wednesday with hordes of people waving Afghan National Flag as they paraded down the streets of Afghan city Mazar-I-Sharif on its eve amid COVID-19 outbreak.

Afghanistan celebrated Independence Day to observe the Anglo-Afghan treaty of 1919 and the waiver of its protected state status. The Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 brought the third Anglo-Afghan war to end. Britain granted the independent status to Afghanistan saying that the British India will not extend past the Khyber Pass. As a result, Britain also stopped British subsidies to Afghanistan.

On the eve of Afghanistan’s Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his greetings to the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and said that India supports Afghanistan in its pursuit for a better future.

He took to twitter and wrote, “Independence Day greetings to President @ashrafghani and the Afghan people! India supports Afghanistan’s aspiration to shape its own destiny for a better future, and its pursuit for a just society free from the menace of terrorism.

President Ram Nath Kovind also sent a congratulatory letter to the Afghani President extending his greetings to the country on its 101st Independence Day and cheered the friendship between both the countries.

In the letter he wrote, “There are myriad commonalities shared by India and Afghanistan together. Our centuries old relationship is becoming even stronger as we fight against common enemies; poverty, injustice, pandemic and terrorism.”

The office of Afghani President Ghani later thanked President Ram Nath Kovind for his congratulatory note. Sediq Sediqqi, the spokesperson for the President of Afghanistan took to twitter to inform about the same.

India’s Embassy in Afghanistan also tweeted the greetings to congratulate the country on its 101st Independence Day. It wrote, “Warm wishes to the people and Government of Afghanistan on its Independence Day. #India stands with #Afghanistan and its people in their quest for peace and stability, and remains committed to its development partnership.”

Afghanistan was declared an independent country in 1919 after losing two wars to Britain. Afghanistan and Britain signed a treaty to end the third war hence making Afghanistan an independent country.