Events such as ‘Howdy Modi’ and ‘Namaste Trump’ brought warmth in the US-India relationship

As presidential candidates of both Republican and Democratic parties try to woo Indian-American voters, who account for 4.4 million in the US, the White House has come in support of President Donald Trump saying he elevated America’s ties with India and solidified the growing partnership between the two countries.

“President Trump has prioritized the US-India relationship and worked to expand all facets of the partnership over the last three and a half years, a senior administration official from the National Security Council of the White House was quoted by Times of India as saying.

The official drew light on the two countries democratic foundations and their mutual interests in rebuilding the global economy following the COVID-19 pandemic, diversifying global supply chains and ensuring that the Indo-Pacific region remains free and open. He pointed out that the Trump administration elevated the US-India relations and solidified their growing partnership that has not been seen in any other US administration, the report said.

“During President Trump’s historic visit to India February 24-26 and Prime Minister Narendra Modi elevated the relationship to a Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership,” the official said and added that PM Modi was also one of the first foreign leaders to visit the White House after President Trump took office on June 26, 2017.

He also said that gatherings such as ‘Howdy Modi’ and ‘Namaste Trump’ boosted people-to-people ties and highlighted the warm personal relationship between the two leaders.

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