Juggernaut of the Indo-Bangla friendship continues, even as several attempts were made to derail it

India shares its Independence Day with Bangladesh’s founder Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s assassination.

One of the closest partners of India, Bangabandu’s legacy of liberty and peace is the foundation of friendship between India and Bangladesh and still continues to guide this relationship.

An article in The Economic Times says that despite several efforts made to derail it, the Indo-Bangla friendship which Bangabandhu ushered in continues to thrive and has even acquired new dimensions.

Taking a cue from history, the article further says that Bangladesh’s first President Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated along with his family 45 years ago, however, the mystery related to his death still remains unsolved. Many believed that he was killed by Pakistan’s Army and ISI in order to change the course of history.

The assassins remained unharmed until Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina opened a front to punish the assassins who manifested the exact opposite mindset, the article says.

Bangabandhu’s death gave the political scenario of the country a 360-degree turn. Military soon took over and democracy soon took a halt in the country. However, when democracy was restored in the country, the ties between India and Bangladesh became stronger.

The current prime minister of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been making efforts through her indomitable spirit to take Bangabandhu’s legacy of liberty and peace ahead. She is also making efforts to strengthen the ties with the neighbours including India. The friendship has acquired new dimensions and the nations are emerging as key partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

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