The collaboration is a result of recent conversation between Prime Ministers of India and Israel regarding ways to tackle the crisis

To support India’s fight against COVID-19, Israel has collaborated with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and has shared its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies with the institute.

A PTI report carried by Outlook suggests that Israel is not only sharing its technology with India but is working towards the overall improvement of the healthcare sector in India.

According to a statement issued by the Israeli Embassy in India, TelAviv has shared advanced medical management systems, contactless monitoring applications and AI assistant robots to reduce human contact, as part of the collaboration.

The statement mentioned that the actions have been taken to further strengthen Israel’s commitment towards supporting India in its fight against the pandemic.

The Israeli Envoy to India, Ron Malka showed confidence in the collaboration of both the nations and said that it will further boost the capabilities of the nations to fight the pandemic.

Malka said, “Through the cooperation and the combination of India and Israel’s medical prowess, we can find effective solutions that will help both countries as well as the world,” the Israeli envoy was quoted as saying.

The advanced technologies offered by Israel was welcomed by Director of AIIMS, Dr Randeep Guleria who acknowledged that COVID-19 has certainly tested the resilience of all the nations.

“Both India and Israel are extending support to the international community by sharing their expertise, data, knowledge, medicines and collaborating in the areas such as developing vaccines and research,” Guleria said.

As per the media report, the collaboration is a result of conversations between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Isralei Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, regarding ways to tackle the Covid-19 triggered crisis. India and Israel have been working together to contain the contagion since its outbreak. Last month, Israel organised a drive-through testing campaign in India.

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