Pakistan had never anticipated India would abrogate the special status granted to Jammu and Kashmir and take wind out of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s sails on the issue which was associated with Islamabad’s long term anti-India strategy

As Indian marked the first anniversary of the revocation of Article 370, Pakistan’s continued attempt to present a distorted spectacle over the human rights situation in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir failed to get international attention.

In the past one year, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted 58 times to target India for its move regarding Kashmir. He had also taken the matter before the United Nations Security Council. But it yielded no results. As of late, Khan’s tweets have gone from weekly to monthly, Russian news outlet Sputnik said in an article.

On August 5, he took to micro-blogging platform Twitter to once again draw attention to Kashmir. “We have also depicted the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and our community to UNSC resolutions in the political map of Pakistan yesterday,” the Pakistani PM tweeted.

The Russian news portal pointed out that Pakistan had not anticipated the Modi-led government would abrogate Kashmir’s special status. The Pakistani PM had even suggested accepting US President Donald Trump’s mediation offer on Kashmir, which Trump had made after the G20 summit.

Khan continued to bring up human rights in the valley amid the complete lockdown. But he was left dismayed when a 27-member delegation of the European Union parliamentarians visited Kashmir and expressed their satisfaction. A European Union member even said that the international delegation fully supports India in its effort for lasting peace and end of terror.

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