Chennai is ready to welcome back around 3 lakh guest workers who left for their home towns across the country following the COVID-19 outbreak, The Hindu reported. The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is preparing itself for the massive influx.

According to The Hindu, the government has given permission to district administration and GCC to bring the guest workers back following the standard operating procedure laid down by the State Labour and Employment Department.

The government has already approved 98 applications to bring back around 1,025 workers while more e-passes are expected in the coming days, the report said. As per the report, the cost of their lodging and boarding will be borne by the industries and companies themselves. The costs will also include the freight of the vehicles which will be used to bring them back as well as the costs incurred during the mandatory quarantine period, the report said.

As per the government’s guidelines, the guest workers returning to Chennai will have to be in 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

According to The Hindu report, the government is making various measures to revive the industries. The government has asked companies and manpower agencies to provide details of guest workers including name, address, Aadhaar number and mobile number.

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