The US Presidential candidate’s manifesto makes no mention of Pakistan

United States Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s administration will continue to invest in India if voted to power, putting an end to speculations about the former Vice President’s view of India.

A PTI report carried by Outlook claims Biden’s proposed 2020 Democratic Party Platform, similar to an election manifesto, will invest in a strategic partnership with India which is very similar to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid.

The Democratic Party Platform says, “We will continue to invest in our strategic partnership with India- the world’s largest democracy, a nation of great diversity, and a growing Asia-Pacific power.”

The report also takes a look at the 2016 bid when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Interestingly, the words used for the proposed relationship with India were also similar to the latest one, the PTI report carried by suggests.

According to the report, the 90-page long manifesto gives no heed to Pakistan this time. In fact, the focus has shifted to China altogether. It says that decisions related to China will be taken in national interests.

This time, the Democrats have vowed to take aggressive actions against China if it tries to hamper America’s manufacturing sector or tries to manipulate its currency.

As per the report, the Democrats have also agreed to join the Paris Climate Agreement if voted to power.

The manifesto will be adopted by party’s delegates during its national convention in Wisconsin between August 17 and 20. The convention will officially nominate Biden to run for President, the report mentions.

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