India warns China of severe consequences in various fields in case of no troop withdrawal at the borders

While the Indian and the Chinese diplomats are in talks about withdrawal of troops to establish peace and no friction at the LAC zone, India has already started taking some internal measures to pressurize China.

LiveMint reports that India is taking little steps as a sign of warning China. By now the government has already imposed a ban on a list of Chinese apps, checks on Chinese colour television import and stopping Chinese investments in infrastructural developments like building roads, bridges, etc. Other than these, the recent NEP has no mention of Mandarin, i.e “Chinese” language in the list of foreign languages to be offered to students at school. However, this has been clearly denied by the ministry stating that the published list is just an example, and that the students are free to make their choice of foreign language.

According to the report, an official familiar with the matter has stated that there could be more such measures which may include some economic decisions to curb the Chinese investments in the market. Another official reportedly stated that another big measure that India could take is to include Australia in the Malabar exercises, of which the US has been a part since 1992 and Japan since 2015.

More of such measures have been discussed in the China Group Study headed by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, in the presence of high officials including officers from the military forces of India.

A friction at the Indo-China border of Galwan Valley, cost lives of 20 Indian soldiers, following which, the diplomats of both the countries are on talks to withdraw extra troops deployed at the region.

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