Ambassador TS Sandhu also thanked the community for helping and supporting stranded Indian during the Covid-19 pandemic

Indian ambassador to the US Taranjit Singh Sandhu has urged the Indian-American community to play a more active role in India’s economic development and help it recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. He described the Indian American community as an important stakeholder in the country’s relationship with the United States.

“We look forward to your ideas, and suggestions, on how we can leverage our strengths, for the transformation of India, and for strengthening India-US partnership,” the ambassador was quoted saying by NDTV. “We would like to see you play a more active role, in India’s economic development and recovery, in the post-COVID scenario, as we look forward to seizing the opportunities, from the shifting supply chains,” he said, according to the report.

Sandhu also thanked the community for helping and supporting stranded Indian in these tough times. He said it has helped in supplementing the Embassy’s outreach to stranded Indians and students, during the COVID-19 pandemic. “By helping with medical advice, prescriptions, helplines, provision of temporary accomodation and provision of even groceries, in some cases, you have helped us meet the challenges,” said Sandhu as per the report.

He added that their network of scientific institutions in the India and US are in touch with each other on a real-time basis. “Our pharmaceutical companies are working closely together, for co-development of a vaccine,” the envoy said.

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