Before Covid-19 and after Covid-19 worlds will be different and India is preparing to move towards the better post Covid-19 world

India should focus on investment, infrastructure, and innovation in the post-Covid-19 world by increasing the production, improving quality of products, trying higher economies of scale, smooth logistics channels, competitive pricing and using innovative practices, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal said while delivering a keynote address at the 184th AGM of Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday.

He said the government and trade bodies must work together to boost the growth, to bring more employment, jobs to youth and engaging with the world with strength and not closing the door for the world but being self-sufficient ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.’

He acknowledged the role of industries and trade bodies of India for coming forward to make India self- sufficient and ready to fight the Covid-19 situation in India by producing PPEs, providing infrastructure for ICU beds, isolation facilities and manufacturing masks and other PPEs to the level that India is now capable to export PPEs.

“As unlocking has started, Indian economy is improving, as indicated by freight movement, increased electricity consumption. Manufacturing has started with a reasonable level of operation. The exports are showing an upward trend,” he said, adding “before Covid-19 and after Covid-19 worlds will be different and we are preparing to move towards the better post-Covid world.”

He said Indian industries catering to specific sectors like auto parts, leather, pharma, footwear, and marine products, have a huge potential to promote Indian manufacturing.

“I invite the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry to help and contribute in the efforts of the government for improving and simplifying ‘Ease of Doing Business’ indices and building a robust mechanism for single window clearances and self-regulation structures for industries,”, said Piyush Goyal. He said for strong and resilient India, trade bodies have an important role to play.

He expressed his hope that India could be the world dominant player, by using immense capabilities of its youth.