India has asked Pakistani High Commission officials to leave the country within 24 hours.

Two officials of the High Commission of Pakistan in New Delhi were apprehended on Sunday by Indian law enforcement authorities for indulging in espionage activities.

Abid Hussain and Tahir Hussain, working in the visa section of the Pakistan High Commission, were nabbed while they were engaged in an unwanted anti-India activity. They used to roam around assuming fake Indian identities.

India has declared both these officials persona non grata for indulging in activities incompatible with their status as members of a diplomatic mission and asked them to leave the country within twenty four hours.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs, Pakistan’s Charge de Affairs was issued a demarche in which a strong protest was lodged with regard to the activities of these officials of the High Commission of Pakistan against India’s national security.

Pakistan's Charge de Affairs was asked to ensure that no member of its diplomatic mission should indulge in activities inimical to India or behave in a manner incompatible with their diplomatic status.

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