India is not enjoying good ties with Turkey

India's most wanted fugitive and controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik, is consistently receiving funding from Gulf countries.

Indian agencies have been pursuing Naik on charges of alleged money laundering and delivering hate speeches. He has been residing in Malaysia ever since leaving India and despite India’s persistent efforts, Malaysia is reluctant to hand Naik back to law enforcement authorities here.

Sources close to these developments revealed that recently, Zakir Naik had contacted one of his old contacts in Qatar and requested an amount of $500,000 for his charity organisations.

Pakistan is also using its relations with countries like Turkey and Qatar to provide funding to Zakir Naik. It is to be noted that Pakistan maintains good relations with Qatar and Turkey.

In the last few years, the relationship between Qatar and Turkey has been strong and Turkey has been using its influence on Qatar to take on an anti-India stand.

India’s relationship with Turkey has been declining ever since Turkey backed Pakistan at the FATF and also expressed support for Pakistan's position on Kashmir. Since the abrogation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, Turkey has been raising Kashmir's issues at various international forums.

While addressing the United Nations General Assembly last year, Turkey’s President Erdogan said, “Despite the resolutions adopted by the UNSC, Kashmir is still besieged and eight million people are stuck in Kashmir. They cannot get out."

Analysts privy to these developments said, “Zakir Naik was given hospitality by Malaysia at Pakistan’s behest. Now, Pakistan is engaged in arranging large amounts of funding for Zakir Naik via countries like Qatar and Turkey.”

Courtesy: DNA