Local is not just the need, it is our responsibility also

Friends, amidst the corona crisis, I am announcing today a special economic package with a new resolution. This economic package will serve as an important link in the “Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self Reliant India Campaign)”...

.... The economic package that is being announced today, if added, comes to around Rs 20 lakh crore (trillion). This package is about 10 per cent of India’s GDP. With this, various sections of the country and those linked to economic system will get support and strength of 20 lakh crore (trillion) rupees. This package will give a new impetus to the development journey of the country in 2020 and a new direction to the Self-reliant India campaign. In order to prove the resolve of a self-reliant India, land, labour, liquidity and laws all have been emphasised in this package.

This economic package is for our cottage industry, home industry, our small-scale industry, our MSME, which is a source of livelihood for millions of people, which is the strong foundation of our resolve for a self-reliant India. This economic package is for that labourer of the country, for the farmers of the country who are working day and night for the countrymen in every situation, every season. This economic package is for the middle class of our country, which pays taxes honestly and contributes to the development of the country. This economic package is for Indian industries, which are determined to give a boost to the economic potential of India. Starting tomorrow, over the next few days, the finance minister will give you detailed information about this economic package inspired by the “Self-reliant India campaign”.

Friends, it is now imperative for the country to move forward with the commitment of bold reforms to create a self-reliant India. You have also experienced that as a result of the reforms over the past six years, today even in this time of crisis; India’s systems have looked more efficient. Otherwise, who could have thought that the money sent by the Government of India will reach directly in the pocket of the poor farmer! But it has happened. That also happened when all the government offices were closed; the means of transport were shut down.This was just a reform related to Janadhan-Aadhaar-Mobile-JAM’s Trishakti, the effect of which we have just seen. Now the scope of the reforms has to be broadened, giving a new height. These reforms will be in the entire supply chain related to farming, so that the farmer is also empowered and will have minimal impact on agriculture in any other crisis like corona in future. These reforms will be for, rational tax system, simple and clear rules of law, good infrastructure, capable and competent human resources, and building strong financial system. These reforms will encourage business, attract investment and strengthen our resolve for Make in India.

Friends, self-reliance is possible only through inner strength and self-belief. Self-reliance also prepares the country for a tough competition in the global supply chain. And today it is the need of the hour that India should play a big role in the global supply chain. Realising this, many provisions have also been made in the economic package. This will increase the efficiency of all our sectors and also ensure quality.

Friends, this crisis is so big, that the biggest systems have been shaken. However, under these circumstances, the country has also seen the resolve and restraint of our poor brothers and sisters, especially the street vendors, hawkers, labourers, those who are working in homes, they have done a lot of penance during this time, they have sacrificed a lot. Who would not have realised their absence? Now it is our duty to make them strong, to take some big steps for their financial requirements. Keeping this in mind, be it poor, labourers, migrant labourers, cattle rearers, be our fishermen, organised sector or unorganised sector, some important decisions will be announced in the economic package for every section.

Friends, the Corona crisis has also explained to us the importance of local manufacturing, local market and Local supply chain. In times of crisis, this local has fulfilled our demand, this local has saved us. Local is not just the need, it is our responsibility also. Time has taught us that we must make the Local as a mantra of our life. The global brands you feel today were sometimes also very local like this. But when people started using them, started promoting them, branding them, proud of them, they became global from local products. Therefore, from today, every Indian has to become vocal for their local, not only to buy local products, but also to promote them proudly. I am confident that our country can do this. Your efforts have increased my reverence for you every time. I recollect one thing with pride. When I requested you and the nation to buy Khadi and said it will be a great support to our handloom workers. Today, the demand and sales of both Khadi and handloom have reached record levels in a very short time. Not only that, you also made it a big brand. It was a very small effort, but the result was very good.

Friends, experts and scientists have pointed out that corona will remain a part of our lives for a long time. But at the same time, we cannot allow this to happen that our lives will be confined only around the corona. We would wear masks, follow two yards distance and pursue our goals. Therefore, the fourth phase of lockdown, lockdown 4, will be completely redesigned, with new rules. Based on the suggestions we are getting from the states, information related to Lockdown 4 will also be given to you before 18 May. I am confident that by following the rules, we will fight Corona and move forward.

Self-reliance leads to happiness, satisfaction and empowerment. Our responsibility to make the 21st century, the century of India, will be fulfilled by the pledge of self-reliant India. This responsibility will only get energy from the life force of 130 crore citizens. This era of self-reliant India will be a new vow for every Indian as well as a new festival. Now we have to move forward with a new resolve and determination...

Courtesy: Business Standard

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