Union Minister Amit Shah says India will become self-sufficient in 5 years if every Indian starts use indigenous goods

Taking a first step towards self-reliance, a key mantra to deal with Covid-19 triggered humanitarian crisis, the Centre today directed all the Central Armed Police Forces canteens and stores across the country to sell only indigenously produced goods from June 1.

It is estimated that armed forces canteens and stores sale around Rs 2800 crore worth of products.

“With this decision, 50 lakh family members of about 10 lakh CAPF personnel will use indigenous products,” a statement issued by Union Home Minister Amit Shah said.

Appealing people to use as much indigenously produced goods as they can, he said, “This is not the time to be lagging behind, but to turn the crisis into an opportunity.”

He said if every Indian pledges to use products made in India, the country will become self-sufficient in next five years.

He also described Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ appeal as a guiding light to make India the global leader.

In his address to the nation on Tuesday, the Prime Minister had talked about five pillars of a self-reliant India.

These five pillars, according to him, will be Economy, which brings in quantum jump and not incremental change; Infrastructure, which should become the identity of India; System, based on 21st century technology driven arrangements; Vibrant Demography, which is our source of energy for a self-reliant India; and Demand, whereby the strength of our demand and supply chain should be utilized to full capacity.

The Prime Minister had underlined the importance of strengthening all stakeholders in the supply chain to increase, as well as fulfill, the demand.