India's representative to UN Syed Akbaruddin said that the outcome of the meeting was along the expected lines and that Pak's baseless allegations not credible

India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Syed Akbaruddin, heavily criticized Pakistan and China's efforts to raise Kashmir at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)'s meeting on Wednesday. Akbaruddin said that he was happy with the outcome of the meeting.

Speaking to news agency PTI, he said, "We once again saw an effort made by one member state of the UN, fail in plain view of all others. We are happy that neither alarmist scenario painted by the representatives of Pakistan nor any of the baseless allegations made repeatedly by representatives of Pakistan in the UN fora were found to be credible today. We are glad that the effort was viewed as a distraction and it was pointed by many friends that bilateral mechanisms are available to raise and address issues that Pakistan may have in its ties with India."

This was China's third attempt to raise Kashmir at the world body since the revocation of Article 370 and it has failed on all three occasions. The country had tried to hold a meeting at UNSC but had failed to do so. Last month, it tried again and was put down by the US, UK, France, and Russia. The countries have maintained a straightforward approach that India's decision is an internal matter and the countries will not interfere. With relations to Pakistan, the stance is that issues should be resolved bilaterally through dialogue.
n December last year, Russian Deputy Ambassador Roman Babushkin said, "Russia's position is clear and is not changing. We are of the position any issue between India and Pakistan should be resolved on a bilateral basis, according to Simla agreement and Lahore declaration. We have not interested in the issue into the international platforms including UNSC."
Akbaruddin added, "Pakistan's practice of using false pretenses to distract from addressing the malaise that afflicts it has run its course. We hope that Pakistan pays heed to the clear signals sent out here today and focusses on the hard tasks it has to address in order to ensure normal relations with India."