'The killing of locals and non-locals by the terrorists is ultimately leading to a bad place for them in the hearts of Kashmiris'

The continued shutdown in the Kashmir valley is a matter of grave concern, not only for the authorities but also for the entire Kashmiri society.
The shutdown, if any, is not a volunteer in nature, but forced upon them by terrorists who owe allegiance to their masters handling them from across the border. They will do what they are ordered to do, irrespective of considerations whether it is good or bad for the so-called cause they are supposed to be fighting for.

For the past three months, the Pakistan-sponsored terror groups have let loose the reign of terror, threatening one and sundry with their myopic objective of opposing recent decisions of the Indian authorities. Their thinking is that a forced closedown would cripple the Indian economy and India [New Delhi] would be ultimately forced to handover Kashmir to them on a platter. They, however, are probably not aware of how resilient the Indian economy is. Despite its vast potential, the Kashmir valley’s contribution to the Indian economy is minuscule. In the process of paralysing the Indian economy, they have ended up breaking the back of the Kashmiri populace at large.

The motive and their modus operandi are simple. They do not want anyone to feel happy and prosper in Kashmir. So they must snap all trade ties between Kashmir and the rest of India. To start with, they started killing migrant labourers and truck drivers. The idea was simple - scare and shoo them away, so that the Kashmiri produce does not go out of the valley. While met with partial success, now the terrorists have turned to the native farmers, orchid owners and those eking out a living by doing business from pavements or small roadside shops.

Reports coming from the valley indicate that a large majority of Kashmiris are annoyed and angry with the diktats of the terrorists. Their top priority at this stage is to earn a decent living for their dependents. Locals denying shelter to terrorists and defying them are small but sure signs of success for the Indian authorities.