imran khan statement


We are all fearful about what we will find out once the curfew is lifted in occupied Kashmir. Narendra Modi has made a strategic blunder. He has played his final card. We will be ready, we will respond to whatever you do — we will go till the end.
Just because you have passed a law does not mean that Kashmiris will just sit back and watch silently. Kashmiris have also become battle hardened. They are not afraid of death anymore.

But a Muslim is not afraid of death and the glory of the Shaheed is second only to the prophet.
You take action and every brick will be countered with a stone. Pakistan and its Armed Forces are ready.

The genie of RSS will not go back into the bottle. It will now attack the Sikhs, Dalits, Christians and of course the Muslims
We have information that India is planning to take action in PoK.

They should remember that there are 18 to 19 crore Muslims in India and there will be reaction of what they are doing. Marginalization always leads to radicalization as you can see in Bradford and Manchester where young Muslims are joining ISIS.

This ideology later caused the destruction of Babri Mosque and the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. This ideology is also responsible for mob lynching epidemic in India and persecution of Kashmiris.
This sort of ideology has always caused death and destruction in the world.

PM Imran Khan (14 August) Excerpts from PMIK’s address to PoK Assembly– We are fighting against an ideology which is a far more dangerous conflict. We are confronted with a very dangerous ideology. RSS is inspired by the ideology of Hitler’s Nazi Party. They believe in racial superiority of the Hindu community. They want to take revenge from Muslims because Muslims ruled over them. This ideology hates Muslims and Christians. They want to commit ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India.

PM Imran Khan (21 August): In an interview to The New York Times - “There is no point in talking to them. I mean, I have done all the talking. Unfortunately, now when I look back, all the overtures that I was making for peace and dialogue, I think they took it for appeasement”. “There is nothing more that we can do”. “The most important thing is that eight million people’s lives are at risk. We are all worried that there is ethnic cleansing and genocide about to happen”. “And then you are looking at two nuclear-armed countries eyeball to eyeball, and anything can happen”. “My worry is that this can escalate and for two nuclear-armed countries, it should be alarming for the world what we are facing now”.

PM Imran Khan’s address to the nation on the issue of Kashmir (26 August): “The message (India) gave on August 5 was that Hindustan belongs to Hindus only and all others are second-class citizens”. PMIK warned that if the dispute moved towards war, the world should remember that “both countries have nuclear weapons”. PMIK announced that his Government will go to any extent in supporting the Kashmiri people at getting independence from India.

PM Imran Khan (13 September) in a rally in Muzaffarabad said that “I want to warn India that extremism will rise as the people in Kashmir will stand up against oppression... they will decide that it is better to die than being subjected to disgrace… if I were subjected to this kind of treatment, I would fight against it as death is better than insult... 1.25 billion Muslims looking towards Kashmir may pick up guns.”

PMIK said (13 September): during an interview to RT warned about the risk of renewed tensions over Kashmir spiraling out of control. That would be the worst case scenario, as the nuclear armed countries would be pitted against each other in a dangerous standoff. He also said that World should act now as Kashmir is going to become a nuclear hotspot.

PMIK said (14 September): during an interview to Al Jazeera that India was conducting genocide and racist attacks on its Muslims and minorities. He went on suggest the consequence of a nuclear war with India in case Pakistan is losing a conventional war against India. “if say Pakistan,.., we are fighting a conventional war, we are losing, and if a country is stuck between the choice of either you surrender or you fight till death for your freedom, I know Pakistanis will fight till death for their freedom.”

PM Imran Khan on 27 September in his address to the UNGA warned of an all-out conflict with India saying that there will be a bloodbath once India lifts its curfew. The people will be out in the streets. He warned that “more Kashmiris will be radicalised”. “Don't you think that 180 million muslims will be radicalised in India as they see 8 million Kashmiris locked up?. And what about 1.3 billion Muslims who are watching this.. we have been brought up watching films; a good guy doesn't get justice.. he picks up a weapon.. You are forcing people towards radicalisation”. He added, if he were a Kashmiri he would pick up a gun. He also said that if things continue along this road, a face-off between the two nuclear-armed nations was all but inevitable. “If a conventional war starts between the two countries, nuclear countries anything could happen. Supposing a country 7 times smaller than its neighbour; faced with a question. Either you surrender, or you fight till the end,.we will fight.. I am not threatening here about a nuclear war, it is a worry”