There are calls for the world to unite against China’s misinformation and hold it accountable for spreading the COVID-19 virus

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a blueprint for military and economic colonisation of the region, opined a Balochi activist in an opinion editorial published by The Daily Guardian on Monday.

Jamal Nasir Baloch termed China’s geopolitical and military ambitions extending way beyond East Asia and South-east Asia and into Europe. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, a part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a blueprint of military and economic colonisation of the region, the Baloch activist suggested.

Baloch is the head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Free Balochistan Movement and a member of London-based Think-Tank, Chatham House.

“Pakistan and China are collaborating to turn occupied Balochistan into a colony and trying to emulate it on the lines of Xingxiang,” Baloch’s article read. Attesting to China’s economic and territorial colonisation are China’s construction of a naval base at Jiwani near the Strait of Hormuz and a secret underground naval base in Sonmiani Beach.

“These secret bases in Balochistan will not only give China strategic hegemony in the Persian Gulf but also endanger free trade as they have done in the South China Sea,” the Balochi activist added indicating that these bases would adversely affect India, the largest democracy in the world.

He alleged that the Chinese state’s policies towards ethnic minorities and occupied nations like Buddhism in Tibet, Islam in East Turkestan and Mongols in southern occupied Mongolia are racist and broadly resemble Nazi Germany. Baloch also called out Beijing’s policies that have led to slow genocide and internal displacement of ethnic populations.

Baloch also hit out at Beijing’s role in spreading the COVID-19 virus.

“China has brought the entire world extreme pain and anguish—the world has not undergone so much distress since World War II—all because of the Wuhan-originated virus, which had been kept under wraps till the time it rooted itself in every corner of the world,” the article read.

Calling out the Chinese state propaganda campaign that shows China’s undemocratic and authoritarian system as more efficient than democracies in containing the virus, Baloch indicated that Beijing has again waged a war against liberal democracies and free economies.

The Balochi activist challenging the Chinese state propaganda stated, “During the current pandemic, democracies in East Asia have been more effective and efficient in containing Covid-19 and saving countless lives. Taiwan, Singapore, India, and South Korea did better than China and Western democracies, whereas China’s totalitarian system not only caused problems for Chinese people but the entire world. “

The writer signed off his article appealing for the world to unite against China’s scheme to create more chaos. He urged democracies to own up the responsibility to stand tall and make China pay for its folly and misinformation campaign regarding the Wuhan-originated virus and hold it accountable for the distress that the world suffered on account of the virus.

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